Monday, December 21, 2009

All Good Things....

I wish the blog could keep going. I wish Deron were here to write it. But it was his ideas and passion and experiences that made it interesting. No one else can duplicate that.

Thank you to all you readers out there who joined Deron from a distance. I've heard many of you say that you felt like you knew Deron through the blog even though you never met him. It was so neat to see someone so private about his disease his whole life, open up in cyberspace. He would never have had the chance to make so many friends or impact so many people as he did without it.

Deron's and Mom's funeral services and slide shows are posted, so those of you who couldn't make it in person can see or hear what they were like. They were both so good, so appropriate to each person.

I may occasionally post more old videos of Deron with the kids as I come across them. I have more.

It hurts to think that people aren't going to be reading his blog any more. One thing I do when I really miss Deron is to go back in his blog to today's date, a year ago, and see what was on his mind. Sometimes I can imagine his voice reading post, and it makes me smile.

One of the pastors at Deron's funeral reminded us that God isn't finished with Deron. And I'm so glad. But Deron has no more need of this blog. It remains for his boys, for Jan, for me, and for you to read if we wish.

The End.


Anonymous said...


We're still here, remembering too. Keep posting if you feel up to it.

Jennifer said...

Thank you, cousin. We are still here, and still remembering, and thinking of you.

Staci said...

hi dawn - do you know i've been checking deron's blog each day, even after his funeral? i was secretly hoping that you'd keep it going. we would love it if you did. i think that's a really neat idea to go back and read what he wrote a year ago today. i'll miss this blog, so i may just do the same. i am anxious to take some time and listen to your mom's service. thanks so much for posting it. i think of you every day, dawn. when you are ready, phoebe would love to get together with her "best friend" megan. she asks me all the time. take care, my friend.

Ekelands said...

Dear Dawn,
I checked this blog often for news on Deron and Sharon, and though they're gone, I find myself still checking now to see how you are doing. I am so glad you posted. There are lots and lots of us who want to know how you are and continue to keep you in our prayers.
I like your idea of reading posts from the past, but I'd also like to hear from you sometimes.
You are especially in our thoughts at Christmas time.
Sending our love,
Becky and Mark