Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Appendix III : Grandma Sharon's Birthday

Max, Mark, and Megan,

Today would have been Grandma Sharon's 69th Birthday. She loved us all very much, and today we can remember all the fun we had together.


Jennifer J said...

I have really missed your brother's writing and thoughts. Thanks for sharing pictures and his funeral service. I did not know him personally, but lurked and read his posts regularly. I hope you and Jan are okay. I'm sure this has been a difficult road.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dawn
Yes I remembered Sharon's bd. on the 10th too. We always went out for our birthdays, and most of the time exchanged gifts. What a good memory I have of her and all the gifts I received from her. We are in Texas now, the cruise was wonderful. It is cold here, but not like MN> and all the snow. Take care Karen

Jennifer said...

This year was hard for Myra, since for the last 66 birthdays she shared it with Sharon. They were like twins separated by two years (and lots of other differences, too!) and Mom definitely has been missing her sister.

Thinking of all of you,